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Join us October 22 from 9am-12pm for the Wayside Community Social

Join us for the Wayside Fall Social as we celebrate our community with neighbors, families, and friends. Date: October 22nd Time: 9am-12pm

Where: Jumper Court in Wayside

Fall Social Highlights:

* Visit from our local fire station – visit the fire truck from 9am-10am. * Mobile petting zoo from 9:30am-12pm.

* Book swap from 9am-12pm.

* Breakfast pastries, coffee and drinks for all.

* Wayside merchandise – coffee mugs for sale! * Collection table for community dues.

This event is an opportunity to build community with neighbors and friends of Wayside. We hope you can start your morning with us!

Mobile Petting Zoo The mobile petting zoo will feature lovable, friendly and clean miniature farm animals. These animals will be set up in a safe fenced-in area where children and adults can come gather around and pet these animals and even feed them a few treats! Community Book Swap

The book swap is an opportunity for community members to trade the books they’ve already read in for something new. On the day of the event, we'll organize books into a kids table and an adult table with a fiction and nonfiction section.

How and where do you drop off your books? We will be collecting books from October 1-21. The collection point will be the Rice Family home at 1708 Jumper Ct. Place your book(s) in bins outside of their front porch. You can also bring books with you to the Social if you don’t have time to drop off books prior to the event.


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