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About Wayside

Wayside is a community of 120 homes located in Vienna, Virginia near the intersection of Hunter Mill Road and the Dulles Toll Road. We are located outside the Town of Vienna city limits, but within the Vienna community. Our neighborhood is a part of the Hunter Mill District of Fairfax County.   

There are people and families of all types here and the neighborhood is welcoming and active.  The Wayside Community Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community spirit.  Neighborhood activities include a Fall Social, a kids Halloween parade, caroling in the winter, and a 4th of July parade and social.  Wayside families also make up a large percentage of the members of our local pool the Hunter Mill Swim and Racquet Club, home of the Division 2 Hunter Mill Sharks.

It's a great place to live!  Welcome Home!

Association Dues

What do my dues cover?

The Wayside Association dues cover the cost of repairs to the front entrances, gardening costs and electricity to light the entrances. In addition, the dues are also used for neighborhood social events like the Wayside Socials and the neighborhood July 4th Parade. According to our Bylaws, “The purpose of the Wayside Community Association shall be to encourage activities by the citizens to promote community betterment for the benefit and welfare of its citizens, and to manage any property the Association may acquire.”


To whom do I pay the dues?


Invoices are sent out each year to all homeowners and they are payable to “Wayside Community Association” and mailed or dropped off to the current treasurer.

When are they paid?


Invoices are hand delivered in late spring.  Keep a lookout!  The invoices also help us keep up to date with residents contact information and help us know who is available to help out with different events.

How much are the annual dues?


Currently, the annual dues are $35.00 per year.

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